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We Made Every Living Thing from Water - water political economy

We made every living thing from water

The documentary is called We Made Every Living Thing from Water and in it, the film-makers investigate the political economy of water in Lebanon – how the flows of water are shaped by power and capital.

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Aerial view of the Beirut River above Sin el-Fil area.

Urban forests provide hope for the Beirut River

The Beirut River and the surrounding neighborhoods have long suffered from short-sighted policy and blatant mismanagement. The ecosystem was disrupted, and natural habitats have been destroyed. The #BeirutRiverForest project consists of planting trees on the banks of the river, as well as engaging with local associations, schools, and companies in developing a blueprint for the potential ‘green corridor’ of Beirut to emerge.

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An Iraqi boy walking by the Euphrates during sunset. Photograph by Alex Kay Potter

حرّاس المياه

يسألني أصدقاء وصديقات، زميلات وزملاء كثر عن سبب اهتمامي بالمياه وسط كل هذه الحروب والكوارث الإنسانية التي تحيطنا من كل الجهات.

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