Berytech Climate Reporting Training

Look into the work done by AMWAJ team in collaboration with Berytech to organize an online workshop for Lebanese journalists
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Climate Reporting Training

Berytech, an innovation hub situated in Lebanon, teamed up with AMWAJ to create a two-day educational event designed to bolster Lebanese journalists in enhancing their grasp of agritech (focusing on water, energy, food, and the environment) and cleantech subjects. This virtual training, conducted in English, adopted a collaborative approach, with subject matter experts providing diverse perspectives on the subject matter. Embracing a solutions journalism framework, the training steered participants towards delving into solutions rather than just problems, encouraging the exploration of existing remedies. Following the training, a one-month mentorship program was extended to the participants.

“Solutions stories don’t exalt responses to problems or advocate for specific ones; they impartially cover them by investigating the actions taken, assessing the effectiveness and inefficacy based on evidence, and elucidating the underlying reasons. They also shed light on the limitations of these responses,” as articulated by the Solutions Journalism Network.

In the aftermath of the training, participants generated journalistic pieces that applied the knowledge they had acquired during the program. Upon its conclusion, the participants received one-on-one mentorship services for a month to further refine and enhance their stories.


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