Istidama - استدامة

Also called Istidamaاستدامة (“sustainability” in Arabic) is part of our annual program to contribute to initiatives that are making real tangible contributions to local ecosystem restoration and ‘sustainable development’ more broadly around the Mediterranean.  

The Beirut River Forest – Part 2  

On 12 November 2023, AMWAJ is running (and walking!) with its colleagues from REVOLVE to raise funds for a second round of contributions to the Beirut River Project.

The Godella Pirate’s Tower

AMWAJ supported the fundraising campaign of the citizens’ initiative aimed at saving the natural site of the Pirate’s Tower (La Torre Pirata) in Godella, Valencia

The Beirut River Forest – Part 1 

In 2020, as part of our 3rd AMWAJ Forum in Beirut, Lebanon, we partnered with ‘The Other Dada’ to help raise funds for the Beirut River Project

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