The Invisible Water Short Film

Date: 25 March 2021

Human beings have depended on access to water since the earliest days of civilization. Water is at core of human life. It is our most precious resource. However, still today universal access to water is not ensured. The exponential expansion of urbanisation and consumption are diminishing the resource with an ever-increasing demand on it.

The Invisible Water Short Film

The Invisible Water Short Film aims to evoke a reflection on the water we use and consume without being aware of. The so called ‘virtual water’, a concept that refers to the water used to produce and manufacture products, from food to household goods, clothing or buildings. Pretty much everything man-made uses water during production or construction. A subjacent layer of the fight against climate change that is not always tackled. Because, as Tony Allan says in his book Virtual Water: Tackling the Threat to Our Planet’s Most Precious Resource, “overuse of water is an environmental crisis in the making”.

As the short film reflects on, individual decisions make collective actions that are key to challenge the status quo and change the system. You can take part on writing the rest of the script. So, how do you want the story to end?  Share your ideas on social media tagging AMWAJ Alliance!

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