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We link media, research and policy in sharing our vision for a water and energy community around the Mediterranean


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Beirut Live 2020

28-29 OCTOBER 2020 - Online Event

The third edition of AMWAJ Forum will be a digitally immersive event. Tune in to 2-days of mediathons, panels discussions and network-building opportunities.


Tayyarat تيّارات

Tayyarat (“currents or “streams’ in Arabic) brings you opinions, stories and insights into water and energy around the Mediterranean.
An Iraqi boy walking by the Euphrates during sunset. Photograph by Alex Kay Potter
حرّاس المياه
Khaled Sulaiman

يسألني أصدقاء وصديقات، زميلات وزملاء كثر عن سبب اهتمامي بالمياه وسط كل هذه الحروب والكوارث الإنسانية التي تحيطنا من كل الجهات.

20 seconds saves billions of liters of water
Ambika Vishwanath & Karma Ekmekji

When the primary weapon against fighting a worldwide pandemic is water, and you’re living in a water-scarce region, a new layer of tension may not be so far away.

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Plant trees in Beirut!

As part of AMWAJ Forum 2020, we have partnered with 'The Other DaDa' to plant trees along the Beirut river, and we invite you to participate either by donating or volunteering to bring urban forestry into the capital of Lebanon!

What is AMWAJ?

A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform for sustainable development

Focus on tackling water scarcity and energy challenges
Identify young talent that help provide innovative game-changing solutions
Regional incubator and facilitator for sustainable development
Encourage a constant exchange of ideas and knowledge
Partner with leading organizations across the Mediterranean region
Act as a 'network of networks' for the water and energy sectors
Connect researchers, media, industry and institutions
Advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration, institutional cooperation and intercultural communication
Lay the foundation for a regional water and energy community
''I am pleased to see such a vibrant community around the Mediterranean to deal and tackle the most relevant aspects of sustainability, water and energy''
Isidro González Deputy Secretary General of Water Division. Union for the Mediterranean. AMWAJ Alliance
''AMWAJ is a true ‘catalyst for change.''
HRH Princess Sumaya bint Hassan of Jordan AMWAJ Amman 2016
''It is important that water issues in the Mediterranean are well communicated, so that we pass some messages on of our own that can be then reproduced as well in their own constituencies.''
Thomas van Gilst, Head of Water Division, European Investment Bank EIB AMWAJ Barcelona 2018
''We are happy to be able to offer sessions around immersive media and how journalists can take advantage of these new formats to cover water and other global topics.''
Rina Tsubaki, Founder of The Lookout Station AMWAJ Amman 2016
''I am proud of having participated in the brainstorming of the name ''AMWAJ'' and happy to see this initiative grow into a vibrant and useful platform for building a water and energy community around the Mediterranean.''
Water Policies and Development Responsible at the UFM Secretariat
''We strongly believe in the role of journalists... very much looking forward to the third one and of course, committed to being a steady strategic partner to that.''
Anthi Brouma, Deputy Director of Global Water Partnership Mediterranean AMWAJ Barcelona 2018
''We have good economic incentives to not be sustainable… you have to confront people with the consequences of their choices.''
Gonzalo De La Camara, Coordinator, IMDEA Water Foundation AMWAJ Barcelona 2018
''AMWAJ brings together three elements that are really important for the future of the Mediterranean; scientific knowledge, local knowledge and journalism.''
Kholoud Al Ajarma, MedYWat Network AMWAJ Amman 2016
''If the State does not take action on water and environmental issues, nothing will happen.''
Francis Ghiles, Senior Research Fellow, CIDOB AMWAJ Barcelona 2018
“In a time of disconnectedness, AMWAJ is giving us the opportunity to connect in a meaningful manner to accelerate our work towards water security for sustainable development, bringing in the energy of youth and the power of journalism.”
Konstantina Toli , Senior Programme Officer, GWP-Med AMWAJ Alliance
“AMWAJ aspires to spark change towards water and energy security in the Mediterranean, bringing youth innovators, stakeholders, sustainability experts and journalists to the stage. Join us for the discussions!”
Vangelis Constantianos , Executive Secretary and Regional Coordinator at the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Mediterranean AMWAJ Barcelona 2018