The Beirut River Forest – Part 1

Date: 23 November 2023

In 2020, as part of our 3rd AMWAJ Forum in Beirut, Lebanon, we partnered with ‘The Other Dada’ to help raise funds for the Beirut River Project which uses the Miyawaki method to plant small urban forests with indigenous plants, shrubs and trees. We raised more than € 1,500 euros that went towards contributing to the emergence of a ‘green corridor’ that could link the foothills of the mountains with the Mediterranean Sea, providing cleaner air, recreational space and the return of biodiversity.

For more stats and images of the 2020 activities with The Other Dada, visit here.

Aerial view of the Beirut River. Photo: theOtherDada

Beirut River. Photo: theOtherDada

Aerial view of the Beirut River above Sin el-Fil area. Photo: theOtherDada
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