The AMWAJ Fresh Water short film wins the Sustainable Water Management Award

For its audiovisual artistic project on water consumption, the Fresh Water short film has been awarded the Botín Foundation Water Observatory prize on Sustainable Water Management.

The AMWAJ Alliance is proud to receive the prestigious recognition by the Botín Foundation Water Observatory with the prize on sustainable water management.

Co-produced with the Egyptian non-studio, the Fresh Water Short Film won Category B for audiovisual artistic projects focusing on freshwater, aquatic ecosystem and water conservation.

The Fresh Water Short Film raises awareness about how we use and consume water without realizing it: the so-called ‘virtual water’ refers to water used to make products, ranging from food to household goods, clothing, and buildings.

The jury’s evaluation was based on the video’s scientific and technical quality, the innovative nature of the proposed solutions and the potential application for the analysis and sustainable management of water resources. The jury also took into consideration the relevance of the proposal in relation to the theme of the award in each category. The award ceremony will be celebrated at the Botín Foundation Centre in Madrid on 1st December 2021 gathering winners from all categories.

“This short film has been a wonderful opportunity to develop our creative skills and explore the ways we can express ourselves through audiovisual content. We were keen to present the value of water conservation, its care and its aesthetic and spiritual dimensions through animation and music. Music is the universal language of humankind and we wanted to capture this in the film.’’ Patricia Carbonell, producer of the Fresh Water Short Film.