October 2021

Date: 28 October 2021
The relationship between water, food and energy, the upcoming Tabadul webinar and much more🌊
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Communicating the shift towards water resilience


Reporting on climate change complexity in the Mediterranean region

Join us on the 29th of November at 11am for the second Tabadul webinar! The session – organised within the framework of the first Mediterranean Day – will tackle the interconnections between water, energy, food and ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. We will focus on the role of journalists, whilst exploring this subject and the challenges they face. Let’s bridge the gap between science and journalism!
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The Nexus Approach: Connecting, Exchanging, and Growing

The WEF nexus aims to understand the interdependencies between water, energy, and food systems. Which opportunities does this approach provides? How it can help tackling climate change in the Mediterranean? Read the latest Tayyarat article and find the answer to these questions. 
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AMWAJ Manifesto

Commit to protect and restore water ecosystems in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is one of the regions most affected by climate change, with temperatures rising faster than the average and with more than half of its population under water stress. The AMWAJ Manifesto has been created following the international movement led by the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration to demonstrate that the people of our planet stand together in this mission.

Be part of waves of change! We are stronger together.

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Solar Energy for Groundwater

Farmers in the Qena mountains are turning to solar energy for groundwater after subsidy cuts pushed them out of diesel.

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UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

The COP 26 will be held from the 31th of October to the 12th of November. At this event, SIWI is organizing the first-ever Water & Climate Pavilion, which will curate a diverse and inclusive series of events showing the many ways that water is allowing transformative climate action — at all levels.

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Integrity basics: Understanding Corruption in Water and Sanitation Online Course

The core principles and concepts of water integrity are revisited in this online self-paced course as an important component of good water governance and long-term water and sanitation services.

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Forest and Water Nexus – Introduction Online Course

SIWI and FAO have jointly developed the Forest and Water Nexus – Introduction course. The program provides an overview of the forest-water relationship as well as the impact of changing landscapes on water.

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Corridors to Sustainable Blue Development 2021

The WestMed Conference will take place the 9th of November in Rome (Italy) and it will be livestreamed in English and French. The event will discuss several topics with the aim to accelerate sustainable blue economy, innovation and cooperation in the western Mediterranean.

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Gender and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Online Course

The goal of the course, organized by Cap-Net, the Global Water Partnership and the Gender and Water Alliance, is to improve practitioners’ understanding of the benefits of integrating gender into IWRM in a meaningful way.

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IWRM for Climate Resilience Online Course

This course on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) will address the relation between climate resilience and water by illustrating how the two are inextricably linked and explaining how tackling them together will raise the likelihood of both succeeding.

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AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform for sustainable development. We aspire to build an energy and water community around the Mediterranean. An initiative by REVOLVE.
CONTACT: Patricia Carbonell, Communication Coordinator
AMWAJ Nest City Lab Carrer d’Álaba 100 Barcelona, 08018 Spain
T.+34 722 763 697    |    E. patricia@revolve.media
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