March 2021

Date: 30 March 2021
The Invisible Water Short Film, The AMWAJ Manifesto & much more💧
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Sustaining the future of the Mediterranean


Great sucess of the first Tabadul session 

Our new community space was launched last Wednesday as a follow up of the celebrations of World Water Day

The first Tabadul session on Innovative campaigns to restore our rivers showcased a wide variety of initiatives across the Mediterranean that are working towards the restoration of river ecosystems using innovative communication. 

At the end of the session, Momen Nabil, an Egyptian architect and co-founder of non-, a multidisciplinary design studio, presented The Invisble Water Short Film commissioned by AMWAJ and directed by him. 

Tabadul -that means “exchange” in Arabic- is a space to connect inspiring initiatives and to enhance knowledge exchange on communication best practices. Become a community member to join the following session.

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The AMWAJ Manifesto

The AMWAJ Manifesto calls on professionals from the mediabusinessresearch and policy to create synergies across and beyond the shores of the Mediterranean to drive coaction towards reliable and sustainable water for all.

The Manifesto was launched in the first Tabadul session and it call on to its signatories to commit to protect, restore and enhance the value of ecosystems related to water around Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, including the sea, mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes.
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The Invisible Water Short Film

Human beings have depended on access to water since the earliest days of civilization. Water is at core of human life. It is our most precious resource. However, still today universal access to water is not ensured. 

This short film aims to evoke a reflection on the water we use and consume without being aware of, the so called ‘virtual water’. As it shows, individual decisions make collective actions that are key to challenge the status quo and change the system.

You can take part on writing the rest of the script. How do you want the story to end? Share your ideas on social media tagging AMWAJ Alliance!
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Must listen

Raising Grants for WASH Businesses

Check the first episode of the podcast launched by the Sanitation and Water Entrepreneurship Pact on Water and Sanitation entrepreneurship!


Making Peace With Nature and Delivering on the SDGs in the Mediterranean

The UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan organises a panel discussion within the framework of the Geneva Environment Network

The event will offer insights into the levers of transformative change that decision-makers can use to make peace with nature in the Mediterranean. What can decision-makers do for a Green Renaissance in the Mediterranean?
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Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards

Apply by the 15 of April


WIL Global 2021 focus on WaSH in Lebanon

Apply by the 6 of April
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AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform for sustainable development. We aspire to build an energy and water community around the Mediterranean. An initiative by REVOLVE.
CONTACT: Patricia Carbonell, Communication Coordinator
AMWAJ Nest City Lab Carrer d’Álaba 100 Barcelona, 08018 Spain
T.+34 722 763 697    |    E.
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