July 2019

Date: 29 September 2020

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Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community


Did You Know?

“The high price of desalinization is one reason why 70% of the plants in the world are in rich oil nations of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia alone is planning to spend $28 billion constructing new plants in the coming years.”

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From around the Sea


“We should respect our Mediterranean diet”

Karim Daoud is a farmer-breeder and the founder of the Union of the farmers in Tunisia (Synagri). An ardent advocate for sustainable agriculture Daoud provides a thorough and uncompromising profile of the Tunisian agricultural sector.

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هل تعلم؟

يعتبر البحر الأبيض المتوسط من أهم البحار الموجودة على سطح الأرض، وله أهمية تاريخية خاصة حيث كان الرومان فيما مضى يستخدمونه في عملية السفر، ونفل البضائع من إحدى ضفافه إلى الضفة الأخرى، وهذا ما جعله يسمى ببحر الروم في فترة من الفترات.

عن البحر الأبيض المتوسط

AMWAJ in Action

MEDENER: Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Conservation


The Mediterranean region is blessed with a wealth of natural resources, including renewable energy sources that are being exploited in sustainable ways for the transition to cleaner economies and more prosperous society on all shores of the sea. MEDENER and their flagship project called meetMED are an example of things to come for a brighter future around the Mediterranean.

MEDENER is the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management. Created in Tunis in 1997 as an international non-profit organisation, MEDENER brings together 13 national energy agencies from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean. MEDENER aims to include more countries in the future.

Register for the 7th MEDENER International Conference, which will take place in Rhodes, Greece on 26 September 2019.
Get to know MEDENER

Made in the Mediterranean

Wiiwii’s Farm: Delivering Organic Food in Egypt



Wiiwii’s Farm delivers your organic products plastic-free! It is also open for people who’d like to spend some time there and reconnect with nature. Read all about this pedagogical ecofarm below!
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MEDRC: Call for Research Proposals


In partnership with USAID, MEDRC have announced a second track of funding for the Oman Humanitarian Desalination Challenge.

The Humanitarian Desalination Challenge Pathway Research Grants aim to deliver an innovative family sized (120 liters of water per day) brackish desalination device as a precursor or earlier generation to the hand held device that the Challenge Prize looks for.

MEDRC will award up to two Pathway Research Grants up to a maximum of $90,000 each in 2019. Should the Challenge Prize not be won in 2019 another call will be made in 2020

Opportunity announcement


Cities4Forests at World Water Week


Water access, security and management are benefits that all cities and people globally derive from trees and forests. Through first-hand presentations from city leadership and Cities4Forests Secretariat, as well as a facilitated discussion with the audience, the event will provide a new avenue through which municipal leaders, practitioners and financial institutions are able to learn from city experiences, explore opportunities for partnership, evaluate investment pipelines, and takeaway tangible steps for increased action for water security and human wellbeing. 

The Stockholm World Water Week 2019 will be taking place between 25-30 August 2019.
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Global Youth Video Competition 2019 – 28 July
Social & Creative Video Contest – 31 July

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