January 2024

Date: 23 April 2024

Communicating the shift towards water resilience

Dhikraa Podcast

Water Memories, our first Dhikraa episode in Arabic, hosted by Mariam Younes

In Arabic, "ayn" in many place names signifies a water source, highlighting water's cultural importance in the MENA region. Places like Hazmieh in Lebanon, meaning "guardian of the water," also reflect this connection.


In this latest podcast episode, Mariam Younes interviews Georges Gharios, an expert in water law and management from Lebanon. Georges discusses water's historical significance and its modern-day management in the MENA region, emphasizing its crucial role in shaping society's life. Listen to the first Arabic episode from AMWAJ now.

AMWAJ 2023 Wrapped

Dhikraa Podcast

Dhikraa, our podcast curated by AMWAJ and produced by REVOLVE, took listeners on a captivating journey around the Mediterranean, unraveling diverse water stories in the region with our host Marta Castillo. Explore all the episodes we released in 2023.

Tabadul events

In 2023 we organized three events as part of our Tabadul - تبادل (“exchange” in Arabic) platform, which connects inspiring initiatives and facilitated the exchange of knowledge on communication best practices.

Istidama campaigns

In 2023 we organized two campaigns under Istidama – استدامة (“sustainability” in Arabic), our platform aimed at supporting initiatives making tangible contributions to local ecosystem restoration and broader 'sustainable development' across the Mediterranean.

Tayyarat stories

Tayyarat - تيّارات (“currents” or “streams” in Arabic) presents opinions, narratives, and insights into water and energy across the Mediterranean. We published 12 stories in 2023.


AMWAJ is a dynamic community comprising journalists, researchers, and organizations united in our mission to drive forward water-related sustainable development. Our members include CREAF, MedWaves, Difaf, CENER 21, CLuBE, and REVOLVE.

Media Partners

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we prioritize building connections with media outlets and journalists. Take a look at our media partners.


Waves of Impact: Recapping 'Unveiling Water' - Stories of Environmental Justice & Climate Action

On Mediterranean Day, we delved into dynamic discussions where journalists tackled crucial questions about storytelling for environmental justice, igniting passion and insight among attendees. The session was vibrant, engaging, and a true testament to the power of collective efforts towards a sustainable future. Thank you to all who joined us and contributed to this impactful event! If you missed the event, you can now watch the recording.


StepMobile Stations for Wastewater in Morocco

Zouhair Chakir, a process engineer from Morocco, created StepMobile to help treat industrial wastewater. His idea offers a mobile treatment station that visits three sites daily in Morocco, aiding small and medium-sized manufacturers. Chakir aims to solve the ongoing problem of industrial wastewater by setting up a network of StepMobile stations across Morocco for sustainable treatment.


The Clay Water Vessels of Aegina Island, Greece

Before the thermo bottle, there was the Kanatia. Kanatias are clay water vessels that were popular throughout the 19th and 20th century for their ability to keep water cool. They are closely associated with the island of Aegina, Greece, where they have been produced since Classical antiquity. But how did they go from being an indispensable household item to a tourist souvenir? And what ancient knowledge about water do they carry?


Get to know MedWaves: Facilitating Sustainable Solutions in the Mediterranean

MedWaves, born from the Barcelona and Stockholm Conventions, operates under the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention. It focuses on sustainable consumption and production. MedWaves supports Mediterranean nations in these critical areas, assisting entrepreneurs and policymakers. Since 2013, it has effectively managed The Switchers Support Programme, promoting sustainable business models for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Member Updates

10 Scientific Recommendations for Keeping Forests Alive

Confronted with ongoing challenges such as persistent droughts, heatwaves, erosion from torrential rain, nutrient loss, infestations, and significant fires, Catalonia’s forests currently face alarming vulnerability. In response, CREAF outlined 10 science-based proposals to address these issues and presented them at the European Parliament in Brussels.


MOOC Water Cooperation and 

The University of Geneva, Geneva Water Hub, and IHE Delft have collaboratively launched a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Water Cooperation and Diplomacy. This course is designed for anyone interested in addressing challenges related to water cooperation and diplomacy.


Photo competition

The competition recognizes outstanding visual stories documenting systemic changes leading to sustainable solutions to global issues. Professional and amateur photographers around the world can compete for a US$2,500 award.


Master's Degree

The program is targeted at students from around the world that want to work in a position of responsibility in journalism or the communications sector. It especially addresses journalists-in-training, media representatives from radio, TV, online and print and communication experts.



The Union for the Mediterranean and CIHEAM Zaragoza are co-organizing a workshop on integrating green skills into teaching and learning linked to agriculture and sustainable food systems in support of food security.

AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform for sustainable development. We aspire to build an energy and water community around the Mediterranean. An initiative by REVOLVE.

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