February 2024

Date: 23 April 2024

Communicating the shift towards water resilience


Mediterráneo Vivo: Explorando el Futuro de Nuestros Ecosistemas

Nuestros ecosistemas mediterráneos se enfrentan a los efectos de la crisis climática. La subida de las temperaturas, la desertificación y la pérdida de biodiversidad amenazan nuestro patrimonio natural y nuestros medios de vida. ¿Cómo podemos paliar estos efectos y restaurar nuestro medio ambiente? Ven a nuestro evento #MediterraneoVivo el viernes 22 de marzo a las 19:00 en Villa Eugenia, Godella (Valencia) para descubir más.


    White Phosphorus – The Overlooked War Against Infrastructure and Environment in South Lebanon

    The price of Lebanese olive oil has jumped 50% from 2023. This is not only due to the effects of the ongoing economic crisis and climate change but also the destruction of harvests and olive trees in South Lebanon by Israeli attacks, which includes weapons containing white phosphorus. Beyond the immediate destruction of trees and nature, environmental experts are raising concerns about the long-term impact of white phosphorus residues in the soil and water. 


    Read more in the article by Mariam Younes.


      Nature Restoration: MEPs Adopts Law to Restore 20% of EU’s Land and Sea

      The European Parliament has made history by passing the Nature Restoration Law, the first continent-wide, comprehensive law of its kind. MEPs voted for this landmark deal despite challenges and misinformation.


      Learn more about this achievement and what it means for you and nature.

        Member Updates

        CREAF - How to Reduce Water Fragility in a Context of Drought

        We often point the blame at the climate when it comes to meteorological drought. This is certainly what is happening with the meteorological drought in Catalonia in the winter of 2024. But we need to open a debate on the real problem: the chronic water demand of our economic development model.


        Read the full article by CREAF.

        Member Updates

        CREAF Launches a Campaign to Commemorate This Year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science

        To commemorate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, CREAF launched a campaign to raise awareness about the hurdles that research centers still encounter in achieving gender equity.

        Member Updates

        CREAF - Drought and Water Use: Facts and Myths

        A recent report found that the Spanish public has some misconceptions when it comes to the water crisis and how to solve it. CREAF’s experts help us to distinguish the facts from climate and techno-optimistic fiction.


        Project Manager

        MedWaves is currently seeking a Project Manager for its Policy Area.


        Climate and Economic Justice Officer

        The MenaFem Movement for Economic Development and Ecological Justice is looking for a Climate and Economic Justice Officer.


        Programme Adviser

        The International Media Support (IMS) is looking for a Programme Adviser. 


        Conference on Conflict, Climate Change and the Environment

        The Arab Reform Initiative, in collaboration with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, is organizing a second annual conference on Conflict, Climate Change and the Environment.

        AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform for sustainable development. We aspire to build an energy and water community around the Mediterranean. An initiative by REVOLVE.

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