February 2019

Date: 29 September 2020

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Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community


Quote of the Month:


“The Mediterranean is a succession, a complex of seas, so she is divided in autonomous surfaces, with limited horizons, and separate basins […]”

>> Fernand Braudel, La Méditerranée, L’espace et l’histoire, Paris: Flammarion, 1985.

From Around the Sea


First Arab League-EU Summit is a Success

“As this meeting concludes, our follow-up to the summit will speak louder than our words,” European Council President Donald Tusk told delegates.

>>  Read more from Euronews

AMWAJ in Action

The Switchers

The stories of the people who are changing the world
Mayya Paoaya wants consumers to play, question, and learn. Photo Credit: www.wtfbcn.com

Food and fun can be synonymous at times. This Barcelona-based initiative is bringing the two together

“Foodisms are learning opportunities, but not in a traditional classroom sense. They are experiences where people have the freedom and space to explore new ideas, whether that is in their neighbourhood, their kitchen, or on a local farm. Another key element? Fun.” 
Discover Foodisms

Made in the Mediterranean

ReWater MENA: More and safer water reuse in the Middle East and North Africa


The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and its partners embarked on a 4-year project that will help expand the safe reuse of water in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The project addresses barriers to reuse in the region and promotes safe reuse practices that improve food safety, health and livelihoods.
Discover ReWater MENA


European Investment Bank (EIB) invests in Greek energy infrastructue 

Greece: EUR 255m EIB support to the upgrade of Greek national electricity network

The investment by the EIB is set to benefit users all across Greece. The upgrading of the national electricity network will be crucial to better connect existing and planned solar power plants and wind farms to end users.

>> Read the EIB Press Release

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