January 2019

Date: 29 September 2020

Building a water and energy community

Quote of the Month:


“As the ice melted, the Mediterranean rose higher and higher, and by about 5600 BCE., it has risen to a point where it was 500 feet above the Black Sea. Then the strip of land between them collapses, and the seawater flowed over it. So much water poured in so fast it cut a flume – the Bosporus Strait – 280 feet wide and 450 feet deep.”

>>  Jeff Goodell, The Water Will Come, Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World (New York: Little Brown, 2017).

From Around the Sea


Can start-ups help solve Middle East water crisis?

Egyptian journalist and AMWAJ participant Menna Farouk introduces a number of Middle Eastern start-ups in Lebanon and Morocco, and ponders their effectiveness as a solution to the water crises in the region.   

>>  Read more from Al-Monitor

AMWAJ in Action

Sustainable Bio-Waste Management

A company in Lebanon is leading the way in replicating small-scale composting processes in the Middle East, addressing what remains a daunting global issue.

Compost Baladi SAL, which participated in the AMWAJ 2018 start-up exhibit, was founded as a direct response to the ongoing waste management crisis in Lebanon. 
Discover Compost Baladi

Made in the Mediterranean

CMI World Water Day 2019

CMI Mediterranean Water Heroes Contest

World Water Day 2019 will focus on Water and Migration. To amplify the voice of regional youth on this topic, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) is launching the third edition of its Mediterranean youth workshop. 
Discover the MEDYWAT Network


Biomass production project in Koura

Lebanon: Watch the video about EU financed Green project

The European Union #EUinLebanon helped finance a project in Koura, Lebanon, where olive groves residues are converted into briquettes to be used for heating.

>> EU Press Release

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