April 2019

Date: 29 September 2020

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Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community


Quote of the Month:


“Variety and flexibility were the essence of Beirut, as of Smyrna and Alexandria. Coming from further east, Beirut seemed like a European city; arriving from Europe, visitors felt they were in ‘a new world’.”

>> Philip Mansel, Levant, London: 2010, p.98

From Around the Sea


A major milestone for fisheries management

Mediterranean countries have come together to end bottom trawling fishing in order to rebuild fish stocks. This targets nursery areas of hake and deep-sea rose shrimp; thus protecting hake which is the most overfished specie in the sea.

>>  Read more from OCEANA

اقتباس شهر نيسان:

“أيّها البحر، أتدري كم مضت ألف عليكا
وهل الشّاطىء يدري أنّه جاث لديكا
وهل الأنهار تدري أنّها منك إليكا
ما الذّي الأمواج قالت حين ثارت؟
لست أدري!”

>> إيليا أبو ماضي، الطلاسم

AMWAJ in Action

7th Beirut Water Week

REVOLVE’s founder Stuart Reigeluth presented AMWAJ at BWW, exhibiting our winter 2018/19 (issue #30) and our Water Around the Mediterranean report. 


Bringing together policy-makers, research and media, the 7th Beirut Water Week (BWW) was organized by Medurable at The Royal Hotel just north of Beirut from 8-10 April. BWW advanced the concept of building a water and energy community with Dr. Fadi Comair, director general of hydraulic and electrical resources in the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water, emphasizing the pivotal role of hydrodiplomacy in creating momentum and mutual incentives for Mediterranean cooperation. REVOLVE also participated in the 6th Mediterranean Forest Week (Beirut, 1-5 April). 

Made in the Mediterranean

Camoz: recycling sails

Camilla Morelli working on her designs for Camoz.


The lifetime of a sail is usually no longer than 15 years maximum, after which the harmful polyester material is thrown away. Camilla Morelli sees great environmental value in recycling these sails, as well as a fun business opportunity.
Learn more about Camoz


Introducing meetMED


The Mitigation Enabling Energy Transition in the Mediterranean region (meetMED) project is developed by the Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Management (MEDENER) and the Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) to support regional cooperation and build technical capacity for the energy transition in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) countries.
Discover meetMED


Building today the Mediterranean of tomorrow: Call for strategic projects 


The European Commission announced a call for strategic projects, with a budget of €68.5 million. The call addresses 7 priorities, ranging from supporting start-ups to energy efficiency. Submit your project by 3 July 2019,or contact us to participate in a proposal!
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