Beating the climate news fatigue with solutions journalism

Date and time: 31/10/2022 3:00 pm

News fatigue is a trend that has been increasing across the world during the last few years. According to the 2022 Digital News Report, the proportion of news consumers saying to avoid news has increased sharply across countries. Climate change is one of the more difficult news topics to cover and which engages fewer readers in the long term. As the Reuters Institute’s report highlights, “a central challenge is how to cover the issue in a way that draws attention to the causes and decisions that lead to disasters, not ‘just’ the disasters themselves”.

The second Tabadul session of 2022 aims to shed light on how to build engaging climate stories that go beyond disasters. The session will focus on the solutions journalism approach as a methodology that can engage audiences worn out from negative news in the longer term. The session will take place within the framework of the Science Journalism Forum (SJF) and will give participants key insights on solutions-based journalism with successful climate adaptation stories from the Mediterranean region.

The session will portray the stories of entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean region. Journalists attending will get to know unheard successful stories around the water and agriculture sectors. Those stories can be used by participants to report and apply the solutions journalism approach. We want to give the tools to journalists on how to find great climate stories in their own backyard.

Meet the speakers:

  • Faris Farras from Bustan Aquaponics. The farm was born in Egypt in 2011 and it has introduced new forms of environmentally friendly technology and clean farming practices to grow premium vegetables and fish efficiently and with limited resources.
  • Laura Tabet from Nawaya Egypt. Nawaya, a non-profit green business, is a catalyst to transition small scale farming communities to sustainable ones. Using research, education and creating networks.

The SJF aims to empower all stakeholders with new tools that help them communicate, network, and learn from their peers worldwide. AMWAJ Alliance is offering a 50% discount on the ticket price using the code AMWAJ50 for the whole Science Journalism Forum, which is taking place between October 29 and November 4, 2022.

Date and time: 31/10/2022 3:00 pm

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