November 2019

Date: 29 September 2020

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Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community


Quote of the Month

“Seas both join and divide, sometimes more one than the other. The Mediterranean that has so often joined three continents is now a frontier dividing the continents from one another.”

>> David Abulafia, The Great Sea, A Human History of the Mediterranean

From Around the Sea


سؤال و جواب حول دور الإعلام والعلوم في دبلوماسية المياه

سؤال وجواب حول مشروع “مختبر دبلوماسية المياه المفتوحة” مع القائمين عن المشروع. ويهدف المشروع إلى دراسة دور كل من الإعلام والعلوم في التأثير على مسار مفاوضات المياه، وخاصة في النيل الأزرق.

>> المزيد من

هل تعلم؟

“تُعد جزيرة صقلية أكبر جزيرة في البحر الأبيض المتوسط، وهي تابعة لإيطاليا وتبلغ مساحتها 25,460 كيلو متر مربعًا، أما عدد سكانها فيبلغ ما يُقارب 5,010,000 مليون نسمة، وعاصمتها مدينة باليرمو.”

>> أكبر جزيرة في البحر الأبيض، سطور

AMWAJ in Action

ِAnnouncing AMWAJ 2020

AMWAJ is coming to Beirut in 2020! We will be holding the third edition of the AMWAJ forum on 8 October 2020. This forum will be in the framework of the World Energy Week 2020, and hosted by the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation

AMWAJ aims to build a Mediterranian water and energy community, empowering the next generations. AMWAJ 2020 is a great opportunity to integrate energy & water issues evermore closely in a mutual effort to bridge the gaps in policy, find investment opportunities and discover real sustainability stories. AMWAJ helps open the path for incremental regional cooperation around the sharing of natural resources.

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If you would like to become a partner of AMWAJ or learn more about the forum, contact Patricia Carbonell: 
AMWAJ 2020

AMWAJ in Action

ِMEDREG discusses the future of gas and renewable energy in the Mediterranean 

Photo: Michel Petillo / REVOLVE
On 6 November in Brussels, MEDREG held its energy Forum entitled “At the Forefront of Pro-active and Resilient Energy Regulation”, which participation from key energy experts discussing gas and renewable energy developments in the Mediterranean region through a proactive dialogue. Representatives of international institutions, regulators, industry and academia underlined the fundamental synergy between gas and renewable energies to shape the developments of Mediterranean energy markets and the energy trade routes, agreeing on the importance of a fruitful collaboration between regulatory authorities to ensure the creation of a regulatory framework able to accommodate the changes to come.

Made in the Med

The water-employment-migration nexus 

On 19 November 2019, REVOLVE participated in GWP-Med’s 2nd lab on the water-energy-migration nexus in Istanbul, Turkey. The lab discussed how the potential negative interlinkages between water, employment, and migration could be turned into opportunities for resilience and growth. Konstantina Toli writes for REVOLVE:

“Water, employment and migration crises are posing rising risks globally. In parts of the Mediterranean, the situation on all three crises is alarming. Their link may not be obvious at a first glance, but it is becoming increasingly evident based on the hard evidence of realities on the ground. Exploring their causal relationships will provide a better understanding on how to tackle some of the greatest global challenges and help to effectively work towards the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).”
Read the full article

Made in the Med

BlUEMED Initiative: Research and innovation for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean  

BLUEMED is an innovative initiative that aims to promote the blue economy in the Mediterranean through cooperation, encouraging countries to work together for a healthy, safe, and productive Mediterranean Sea. Through a number of platforms, national pivots, and projects, BLUEMED works towards sustainable blue growth.
Learn about BLUEMED

Must Read

“Clean Energy for all Europeans” Package: Implications and Opportunities for the Med

The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) Marseilles published recently a briefing on the legislative package “Clean Energy for all Europeans” – CE4ALL. This briefing explores various options for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries to cooperate with European Union Member States. The focus of cooperation options is in the area of deploying renewable energy sources, interconnections and electricity market integration.  
Read the briefing


The UfM and R20 join forces to scale up climate finance


The Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Nasser Kamel, and the Executive Director of the Regions of Climate Action (R20), Christophe Nuttall, signed a partnership agreement to promote climate finance opportunities, notably at the level of regional and local authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the help of private finance leveraged through public finance.

The agreement provides a solid basis for strengthened cooperation and coordination of mutual efforts in the domain of climate finance. The UfM Secretariat and R20 agree to regularly exchange relevant information, jointly identify and support the development of sustainable infrastructure projects, such as waste optimization, decentralised renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as deliver feasibility studies to showcase the bankability of such projects. A portfolio of projects “ready to be invested” is under preparation and will be jointly presented at COP 25.

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The twenty-fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) will be held at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid in Madrid, Spain, from 2 to 13 December 2019. You can still register to attend if your organization has observer status in the UNFCCC, otherwise, it is also possible to attend the proceedings virtually.

About COP 25


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