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Gazliya Nazimudheen has Masters degree

Aquifers are of tremendous importance for the MENA as world’s most water-stressed countries are located in the region, including Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Lebanon and Yemen. However, aquifers... More


Gazliya Nazimudheen

Gazliya Nazimudheen has Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from NIT Trichy (India) and Bachelors degree in Biotechnology Engineering. She has research experience in biological method of natural fiber extraction from biomass, pretreatments in anaerobic digestion, biomethanogenisis of landfill leachate. Gazliya is concerned about environmental protection, climate change and water conservation and and is keenly interested in water management designing, waste to energy and biofuel projects. She is currently based in India and volunteering with EcoMENA in content-creation and knowledge dissemination.

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