August 2020

Date: 29 September 2020

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Building a water and energy community around the Mediterranean


Quote of the Month

“The science of the Mediterranean is the epitome of the science of the world.”

>> Edward Forbes, The Natural History of the European Seas

اقتباس الشهر

لأنَّكِ بَحرٌ بِلا أيِّ شَطٍّ، بلا أيِّ حَدِّ 
اَزلتُ أُغالِبُ أَموَاجَهُ العَاتِيَاتِ، بِجَزرِي ومَدِّي  
أُجَذِّفُ لَيلاً نَهارا فَأُنهِي مَسارَاً وأبدَأُ حَالَ انْتِهائِي  مَسارَا
>> لطفي زغلول


AMWAJ in Action

COVID-19 and water saving

Writers: Ambika Vishwanath & Karma Ekmekji.

“When the primary weapon against fighting a worldwide pandemic is water, and you’re living in a water-scarce region, a new layer of tension may not be so far away.

COVID-19 brings with it an unprecedented economic, health, and humanitarian crisis. There are many impacts, and some are yet to be discovered. In the Arab world in particular, one issue requires increasing attention: the growing water crisis in an already volatile region.

According to the World Health Organisation, three billion people around the world lack basic hand-washing facilities. This is particularly problematic, given that the WHO has advised that preventing the contraction of the coronavirus first begins at the individual level, with social distancing and rigorous hygiene.”

Tayyarat is the new content stream from AMWAJ, bringing you opinions, stories, and informative pieces from around the Mediterranean. We will be publishing a new Tayyarat piece every month.
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Made in the Mediterranean

World Water Week: Communicating for impact

REVOLVE founder Stuart Reigeluth moderated the virtual workshop “Communicating for Impact – How to Engage with Non-Water Audiences” during the SIWI World Water Week 2020.

“Water has been in the World Economic Forum’s top five global risks for years; yet many decision-makers outside the water community still do not realize that water stress is real, urgent and material. We must communicate better to reach those beyond our sector whose decisions have an impact on water.”

The workshop included participation from WWF, Water Youth Network, and Thirst.

Learn more about the #ValuingWater initative



UfM Grant Scheme 2020

Worldwide, 94 % of the labour force lives and works in countries that are affected by company closures. The economic crisis will account for a loss of working hours equivalent to 305 million full-time employees.

As a regional response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Union for the Mediterranean has launched a grant scheme for enterprises to submit proposals to assist in employment-generation activities around the sea.

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MEDRC Water Research fellowship

The MEDRC Water Research Fellowship program is committed to developing the professional skills and technical research capacity of young water researchers in Palestine and Jordan.

MEDRC works closely with Fellows to enhance their capacity across a number of areas. In addition to funding for their Master’s research, MEDRC Fellows receive various benefits related to academic and technical training, professional skills and leadership development, global engagement, and community service.

Beyond basic scholarship funding, MEDRC Fellows are active partners with MEDRC to develop the local research capacity of Palestine and Jordan to find sustainable solutions to fresh water scarcity.

The deadline for application submission is September 5 for West Bank, and September 13 fro Gaza and Jordan.

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Verde Tec: Environmental technologies

Verde.Tec 2020 International Trade Fair and Convention is back with a new date. The 4th edition of Greeceʼs only Expo on Environmental Technologies will take place on the 9-11 October 2020 in Athens at the MEC Exhibition Center.

Organised by T-Press, the Expo will be spectacular and in accordance with the sanitary protocols established by the country’s Authorities to prevent the expansion of COVID-19. 

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